What is the BEST Water for Coffee and Tea

Laura MacDonell
by Laura MacDonell Laura MacDonell
What is the BEST Water for Coffee and Tea
  1. All oxidants removed. (Chlorine or other such "sanitizers".)
  2. All organics removed. (THM's, insecticides, pesticides, etc.)
  3. TDS (total dissolved solids) from 10 o 30 ppm (parts per million)
  4. Hardness of 0-4 grains per gallon.
  5. Low sodium water, i.e., less than 10 mg/L.
  6. pH depends on the Bean you are using, plus the method of extraction.
  7. Iron, Manganese and copper gone, or less than 0.02 ppm.

What is the best way to get this type of water?

With a reverse osmosis system! This system usually has a particulate and carbon filter (organics, oxidants and particulates are reduced); and a membrane (reduces the TDS by about 90% -- including hardness, sodium and others as well). Reverse osmosis water has the impurities reduced by 98% or more, leaving only high quality water behind. Which is perfect for coffee and tea !!

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