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Wine Splash - Air Charger Iron/Sulphur System
Starting from: $1699.00
The Purifner Iron and Sulphur backwashable filters utilize the Erie valve. They are highly effective in preventing iron/manganese staining and removing sulphur odours commonly associated with problem well water. Their innovative design uses safe, catalytic medias in combination with an air charge chamber to oxidize and capture the elements that cause staining and odour. These filters are environmentally safe – no toxic chemicals like other systems. The result is simply refreshingly good water from every tap, every time.
• Solid-state microprocessor with push-button control
• Stores system configuration and operating data – even in the event of a power outage
• Fully adjustable regeneration cycle times.
• Modular design is extremely easy to service – no screws or bolts
• Environmentally safe – no chemicals
• Low operation cost
• Remove iron and manganese
• Remove sulphur
• Remove “rotten egg” smell
• Reduce turbidity
Our unique microprocessor-based control head monitors system performance, water consumption and more ...
• Days since last regeneration
• Gallons since last regeneration
• Reserve based on water usage over last 21 days
• Water flow rates
• Peak flow over last seven days
• Total days since start up
• Total regeneration since start up
• Program cycle times
• Program sequence of cycles
If the power fails all the settings and historical data will remain unchanged.
The Impression Series is easy to program – six levels of programming and display
• Homeowner/user screens
• Installer screens
• Factory softener or filter system setup screens
• Factory regeneration sequence screens
• Diagnostics screens
• Valve history screens 
Wine Splash - Iron Eater Platinum Air Birm Filter
Starting from: $2099.00

This model injects air into the water to remove iron and sulphur without the use of chemicals. This system is technically the best there is at removing iron and sulphur from your well or cistern.

Wine Splash - Specialized Mutimedia Backwash

We can customize your whole home backwash system for your specific needs. From rural wells and cisterns to municipal homes, we can provide a maintenance-free backwash unit to treat your water.

Contact us today if you have any questions or want to place an order.

Wine Splash

To protect you from the harmful effects of bacteria the most widespread system is the use of chlorine. We offer a chlorine injection pump with a retention tank to protect you from all forms of bacteria. This system is most commonly needed on homes using well or cistern water supplies.

Removal of the chlorine for drinking purposes is desirable and we suggest installing a carbon backwash system in conjunction with a reverse-osmosis filtration system as well. It is also advisable to install an ultraviolet light disinfection system as a backup for the chlorination process.

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