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Wine Splash - Aquamaster 950 Softener and Chlorine Removal
Aquamaster 950 Softener and Chlorine Removal


Canada's Most Efficient Water Softener

The AquaMaster 950 is meant for use on municipal water supplies. It REMOVES Chlorine, Calcium, Magnesium and Heavy Metals from all the water in your home.


  • Softens up to 35 grains hardness per gallon
  • Also reduces chlorine taste and odour
  • Built-in 20-micron self-cleaning filter
  • Built-in KDF MAX Filtration
  • Built-in Carbon Filtration
  • Regenerates (self-cleans) in just 21 minutes, only when required (on demand)
  • Uses as little as 15 gallons of water and only 3 lbs of salt to regenerate(to remove 10,400 grains of hardness)
  • Powered by an ENERGY STAR qualified adapter for a better environment

KDF 55 Medium was designed specifically for removing or reducing chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals. It controls scale, bacteria and algae, and extends the life of the resin.

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Nov 2014. Purchased 950 AquaMaster Softener and had Softener and Reverse Osmosis System Installed.

"We are glad to have stumbled into your store when we were looking for water treatment options in 2013.  We feel your store has provided us with excellent value for your products and services and we plan to recommend you to others looking for water treatment needs.Finally, working with you, Georgina, has been a real privilege and joy, and we look forward to shopping with you for many more years to come."  

James and Joann 

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