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Wine Splash - Carbon Block Filter 10 Micron
Carbon Block Filter 10 Micron
2x10 Carbon Block 10M
2x20 Carbon Block 10M
4x10 Carbon Block 10M
4x20 Carbon Block 10M
Case (20) 2x10 Carbon Block 10 Micron


Carbon filters do not remove sediment particulate material very well, so they are often preceded by a sediment filter. Sediment pre-filters also prolong the activate carbon cartridge life by eliminating larger contaminants that would otherwise clog the activated carbon thereby reducing the effectiveness of the carbon.

Carbon block filters are made of powdered activated carbon particles that are pressed together to form a solid block of carbon. Suitable for household water filtration and food service industries in under counter drinking water systems and reverse osmosis system pre and post filters as well as whole home applications (2x20 or 4x20 sizes)

Carbon Block filters offer superior removal of:

Chlorine Taste
Odour Organic Contaminants
Benzene Radon
Trihalomethane Compounds Volatile Organic Compounds
Pesticides/ Herbicides              Microorganisms/cysts (0.5 Micron)

Available in 2x10, 2x20 and 4x20 Sizes