Our Retail Store

Water Superstore is located at 274 Fourth Avenue in St.Catharines, Ontario.  Our retail store carries the largest variety of water related products from water coolers, to water pumps, ceramic water dispensers, shower filters,cases of purified water, replacement water filters, water filtration systems, reverse osmsis systems, ultra violet systems and much much more.

We boast a large Pure Water Refill Centre where clients can refill their own bottles with purified Reverse Omosis Water or Remineralized Reverse Osmosis Water which boasts a PH of 7.8 or higher. We purifiy our water on site, so it is made FRESH daily.  The purification process is a 9 stage process that produces 98% PURE WATER,  with a total dissolved solid (TDS) reading of 2ppm, our water is the best tasting water in the area. By adding ozone to the water, it remains free from Bacteria and gives the water a FRESH, CLEAN taste. We test our water daily to ensure our HIGH QUALITY STANDARDS are met.



By refilling your bottles, you save hundreds of thousands of small plastic bottles from being thrown into our landfills. It's a great way to be GREEN in your own life. The price of refilling a large 18.9 Litre bottle with pure reverse osmosis water is just $0.19 per litre. That's just $3.75 for an 18.9L refill.  Or take advantage or our SAVINGS DAY offered the First Tuesday of every month and fill up for just 2.25/18L  pure water refill or $1.25/11 L pure water refill. Recently we have also added a SENIORS DAY which is the First Thursday of every month boasting the same great pricing as our savings day.



Water Superstore now offers Reverse Osmosis water with added calcium and magnesium. By removing the harmful contaminents found in tap water, then adding back in the "good" minerals, we naturally increase the PH (alkalinity ) of the water to between 7.8 and 8.2. For those following an alkaline diet, our purified alkaline water is a great addition.  And it's just $0.25 more per 18.9L refill. That works out to $4.00 per 18.9L refill or $2.50 per 11L refill. Come in and try it today !