" I wanted to let you know how much I love my new RO System. Not only do I love the taste of pure, clean,  water but I have the peace of mind of knowing my body no longer has to filter out all those chemicals that are present in the water"

Joan J, Fonthill 2015


"I no longer have to lug those bulky jugs around. That alone is worth the price of system. The filters are easy to change , the system is completely silent and takes up very little space under my sink. The staff had all the answers to my questions and are always just a phone call away… very satisfied customer"

Robert B, St.Catharines 2015


Nov 2014. Purchased 950 AquaMaster Softener and had Softener and Reverse Osmosis System Installed.

"We are glad to have stumbled into your store when we were looking for water treatment options in 2013.  We feel your store has provided us with excellent value for your products and services and we plan to recommend you to others looking for water treatment needs.  The install had some challenges with getting the copper pipes straight enough to the manufacturer’s  specifications.  As a result, it took them a few more more hours to complete the job than they planned.  I am happy, though, that he took the extra time to get it good and right.  The RO unit also got installed to my great satisfaction.  Thank you for replacing the inserts and installing it for us at no charge.  The new RO tap that you recommended also exceeded our expectations in both style and function.  

Finally,  working with you, Georgina, has been a real privilege and joy, and we look forward to shopping with you for many more years to come."  

James and Joann