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Maintain My System

Water Superstore offers trustworthy professionals who are experienced as industry leaders in water treatment equipment. If your water treatment equipment is in need of service and repair, preventitive maintenance, or you need quality professional guidance to diagnose your water testing and reporting results we can help.

At Water Superstore we offer a Canadian Water Quality Association qualified Technician to aid you in:

  •  Service & Repair
  •  Preventitive Maintenance
  •  Installation of Equipment
  • Water Quality Testing and Reporting
  • Troubleshooting Guidelines

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A Note From Our Technician:


If you're suffering from problem water or needing a hand with your equipment then I'm glad you've found this page.  In working with water analysis results and the specific equipment needed to solve different water problems we are skilled in knowing the operations of each system, and how they work together to create the cleanest water possible.

The great news is that regardles of the water issues you're having right now, whether your water quality is poor due to no equipment, or due to failing equipment we have the technical knowledge to solve your concerns.

The efficiency of water treatment equipment is directly linked to a proper maintenance schedule.  Maintaining your investment pieces will allow them to work correctly for the full duration of their life.

At Water Superstore our mission is simple; to help you discover clean water.  When you need us, we can help you solve your problem water issues, so you can enjoy your water again.


Chris MacDonell



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