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Let's get real, we all know that drinking a minimum of 64 ounces of pure water a day is important for maintaining a healthy body and feeling amazing, but sometimes we fail to drink enough water. Here are some tips that help me get in enough water throughout the day:
With cottage season upon us water is a "Hot Topic". Most cottages and some homes in the Niagara Region draw their drinking water directly from a lake. Although a great source of drinking water, lake water is almost always contaminated with bacteria
Did you know that the average person uses 80-100 gallons of water per day? And of that water used, only 1% of it is used for drinking water. So why is this important to you?
Functions of water in the human body
In recent years there has been a trend in the health industry which relates high pH water to many health claims such as slowing the aging process, cleansing the blood, preventing chronic diseases and soothing acid reflux. Is there any validity to these claims ?
This is a very common occurrence if your water is drawn from a cistern or a well. When the leaves begin to fall and collect in the eavestroughs or seep into the ground the colour begins to dissolve into the water