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Wowza, it's 2020! A brand new decade. No pressure though right? How many times has someone asked you, so what are your goals for the next decade? 10 years, yikes I don't even know what I want for dinner tomorrow night!
Have you ever experienced soft water? If not, it is wonderful and if you have experienced soft water you may have noticed how soft and smooth your skin and hair feel after showering in soft water.
As I sat down to write the blog this month, I struggled a bit to come up with something that was important and meaningful. Hence the procrastination! And what I realized is that forcing something that isn't there will
This month I'm celebrating my 42nd birthday. Wow... I know it sounds cliche but time sure does fly. When I look back over this past year I'm so incredibly grateful. I have been recently honoured with
If you had the chance to read my blog last month then you know I struggled with doing less and not being so busy all the time.
This month, although still busy, I've been able to gain some perspective on creating space with doing less. Being busy is just a distraction.
The last 2 weeks of summer have not gone according to my plan. I have been off sick with an unusual infection and have been told to stay home and rest. When the doctor told me this, I have to admit it made me a bit crazy.