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6 Tips to Keep Your Water Cooler Clean


Keeping your water cooler clean is very important to ensure bacteria and bioslime does not build up on the inside or on the outside of your cooler.  By following these simple steps it will ensure you have the best tasting water with lasting freshness for years to come.

1. Start by using the cleanest drinking water possible on your water cooler. Using munciple tap water or any other unfiltered water can produce a greenish stain and/or buildup inside your water cooler. 

2. Wipe the top of your water bottle with a clean cloth prior to placing the bottle on top of your water cooler.

3. Clean the external spigots with peroxide and a clean cloth on a weekly basis.

4. Wash the drip tray with warm soapy water on an as needed basis.

5. Every 3 months internally sanitze your water cooler with an H2OK cooler cleaning kit containing hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen dioxide to eliminate and prevent bioslime buildup inside your water cooler.

6. Tastes such as plastic that cannot be removed with the above cleaning maintenance indicates the plastic is beginning to breakdown and the water cooler should be replaced.

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