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Arsenic is a naturally occurring substance found in rocks and soil. It comes in organic and inorganic forms. Organic arsenic is combined with carbon and is considered safe. Inorganic carbon is considered harmful to humans.
This article appeared in the New York Times September 13, 2009
Washing the family car in the driveway is a summertime ritual for many Canadian families. It's also an environmental hazard. The gunk from your car has to go somewhere when you wash it off, so where does it go?
Are you stressed? Most of us think we're stressed, but perhaps you're not. Maybe you're just thirsty. Research has shown that hypertension (high blood pressure) and dehydration are linked. Maybe by drinking more, you'll be less stressed.
OTTAWA - The federal government is ordering tests of Canada's drinking water over concerns it may contain contaminants thought to raise the risk of cancer and other health problems.