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I have a tiny workout area in my basement, right beside where my 13 year old hangs out and plays video games. Each week I invite him to join in on the class. Last week he came to me and said,
I was out shopping for some new furniture this past weekend. My husband and I have been procrastinating buying a new sofa not because we don't need one, but because we haven't had a lot of time to indulge in his most favourite pastime – shopping (insert sarcasm) 
Do you know what we found?
Everyday we eat and drink. Without having to think about it, our bodies break down what we consume and separate out the nutrients we need to survive then get rid of the waste we don't need.
Depending on your water source- municipal, cistern or well, the type and origin of the smell is caused by different contaminants. Dive in to find a solution that's right for you.
There's something about summer that makes me feel more hopeful. Maybe it's more sunshine, or the burst of beautiful flowers, or perhaps the weekly trips to the market with my daughter to pick up fresh local produce. I honestly think it's all of the above.
We've been busy making some changes this past month that will take affect in June.
If we're taking it, we're also drinking it: painkillers, blood thinners,hormones, chemotherapy agents, even cocaine and amphetamines.