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I've been on a bit of a health kick lately. These health kicks usually come after a recent bout of overdoing or overindulging in some way or another. Ask yourself this one simple question and stop cravings in their tracks.
A question I often get asked is,

"If I already drink purified water then why would I need a whole home water filtration system?"

The answer is simple.
Water is more than just a drink. It transports oxygen and nutrients throughout our body removing waste, allowing it to maintain proper communication between our bodies living cells. Water detoxifies by flushing out our body's waste. The more freely water can be absorbed into each living cell, the more effectively our body can function as it should.
Many of us are well aware of the harmful effects of drinking chlorinated water, but did you know what showering in chlorine is just as harmful
2021 marks 20 years in business for me. Water Superstore has been in the community for 25 years, but way back in 2001, a 23 year old (that's me) fresh out of business school decided to take a chance on a business endeavor that would set the course of her life. When I look back to that day I was impulsive and naïve, but
It goes without saying that 2020 has been a year like no other. It spun us around, flipped us upside down, maybe left us standing on one wobbly leg. Wobbly or not we're still here, trying to live the best life we can.
Here's a few things this year has taught me: