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Have you ever experienced soft water? If not, it is wonderful and if you have experienced soft water you may have noticed how soft and smooth your skin and hair feel after showering in soft water.
The water that comes out of your tap looks clean and clear. Typically, the tap water won't harm you today. It's free from bacteria like E.coli and coliforms that can make you really sick. Yet there are over 40,000 chemicals on the market, and only a few hundred are regulated in the Canadian drinking water guidelines.
For the past 20 years our family has celebrated Thanksgiving in Ellicottville, New York. It's such a wonderful time getting together with friends and family that we only see one or two times a year. Our kids absolutely love it and this year they're feeling sad that we can't go.
How can drinking enough water support your immune system response, your energy and your overall health? The answer may surprise you.
Wowza, it's 2020! A brand new decade. No pressure though right? How many times has someone asked you, so what are your goals for the next decade? 10 years, yikes I don't even know what I want for dinner tomorrow night!
As I sat down to write the blog this month, I struggled a bit to come up with something that was important and meaningful. Hence the procrastination! And what I realized is that forcing something that isn't there will