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Cancer-linked toxins in water supplies may affect 400,000
Irish Water confirms excess levels of trihalomethanes detected in supplies
Water filters come in all shapes and sizes. Most filters are changed basically the same way. For best performance change your water filter at least every six months to one year.

Scheduled cleaning and Sanitization is recommended to ensure the integrity of your drinking water. This scheduling will vary depending on the conditions and environment in which the cooler is in use. Follow the steps outlined below under Cleaning Instructions for Sanitization methods of the water contact points.
The discovery of chlorine was first made in 1774 by a chemist named Karl Scheele. From that day forward, science was looking for ways to make use of these qualities of chlorine.
Often times I am asked by our customers who live in the country, how often should I clean my cistern ? Being a country girl myself, who has directly experienced the beauty of living just outside the city limits as well as the extra home maintenance that goes along with it, I can say that keeping up with regular cistern cleaning is a MUST!
With Summer around the corner and children gearing up for summer camps and summer sports, the importance of hydration is greatly increased. Here are some tips on how to stay properly hydrated this summer.