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Getting enough magnesium into your body, both by diet and supplementation, provides a wide-range of benefits and is more important than many realize. In addition to helping reduce the symptoms and clinical conditions listed above, this
Aluminum in water can be absorbed by humans because after water treatment, the aluminum is largely in an unbound form.
Find out why filtration is so important and what it can do for YOU.
Do you or someone you know suffer from dry skin, eczema or psoraisis ? Learn how to remove the chlorine and hardness particles from the water in your whole home and start feeling the benefits immediately.
Every day, millions of people drink chlorinated tap water. Chlorine is used to keep our water clean by disinfecting it and killing germs. And it does a marvelous job at eliminating most pathogens from the water we drink.But the use of this powerful chemical has a downside, the cancer risk for people who drink chlorinated water is up to 93% higher than for those whose water does not contain chlorine.
Health and fitness have always been very important to me. In 2011, I made the choice to commit to weight training and cardio conditioning 3 times a week. In 2013 I began Hot Yoga, for the 5th time. I have been practising yoga for 15 years off and on, but made the choice to practice at least 2 times per week. As well I have always exercised since my basketball days way back in high school. However, I was lacking consistency. So I made the decision to make HEALTH a priority.