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3 Things 2020 Has Taught Me

3 Things 2020 Has Taught Me 

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a year like no other. It spun us around, flipped us upside down, maybe left us standing on one wobbly leg. Wobbly or not we’re still here, trying to live the best life we can.

Here’s a few things this year has taught me:

1. I’ve learned to be more flexible. Changes are always occurring, yet 2020 they all seemed to mash up together all at once. Usually we have some time to adjust, but not this time. It was a “make changes moment to moment” type of year from plan A to B to C to D and onwards. By learning to be flexible I’ve found a smoother transition amongst the chaos.

2. Taking care of my health both physically and mentally is vitally important. Good health has always been a motivating factor in my life. This year it became abundantly clear that  amidst new viruses and little treatment methods available, the only thing you really can control is how you take care of your body and mind. It’s not always easy but it’s a simple formula.

  • Exercise regularly                                           -Reduce stress
  • Drink lots of clean water                                -Don’t Smoke
  • Limit alcohol consumption                             -Limit social media and the news 
  • Eat fruits, veggies and protein                      -Eliminate processed foods 

Is there one area listed above that you would like to improve on?
Choose one for the month of December and try it on- see how you feel.

3. Connection is the most important thing there is. Why is it that we seem to appreciate someone or something more when it’s gone? This past spring was one of the most difficult times for so many people, myself included. When we were in heavy lockdown and couldn’t see our loved ones, that was tough. And it made me realize how important it is to just be present with our loved ones without complaining or judging them. When you pull back all of that “stuff” you get to experience the joy and meaning in relationships. It takes effort and it takes awareness but it’s totally worth it. 

In wrapping up 2020 I want you to know I’m eternally grateful for your continued support of our local business. I get that it's easy to order things online from Amazon or go to big box stores for your water coolers, filters and water systems. By choosing to support a local business, you directly help us to support the 10 families we employ with a fair wage and a flexible family oriented work schedule.

You may not think that one person can make a difference, but if each one person chooses to support local business, the effects will be felt throughout the community.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season