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A Note From Laura

Summer is Here !!!

We've finally hit the heat wave in Niagara! I truly love summer and for me it represents a time to re-charge and re-boot. Just being outdoors enjoying the warm air and longer days is enough to relax my mind and body.  It was a very busy June for us at home with my oldest daughter graduating from grade 8 and my son playing a ton of travel soccer. Somehow we seemed to get it all done and get everyone where they needed to be. Thank goodness for a strong support system of family, friends and my team at work. It truly takes a village. We are looking forward to a less hectic summer schedule. 

We've also had a very busy first half of the year at Water Superstore, with a store renovation, welcoming a new staff member and meeting many new and returning clients. Our service, installation and water delivery departments are booming, and we have our loyal clients like YOU to thank for that. Without your continued support we would not be able to deliver such high quality water, products and service. So thank YOU for your continued patronage.

Our mission is to educate as many people as we can about the benefits of clean water for themselves and their home. We are passionate about health and living our best life. We put that intention into all that we do here at Water Superstore. 

We wish you an amazing summer and please remember to stay hydrated as you are enjoying your outdoor activities. 

Hope to see you soon!