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Ask The Water Connoisseur


noun : känəˈsər,ˌkänəˈso͝or : an expert judge in matters of taste.

I have been drinking purified water for 30 years. As a child growing up in rural St. Catharines with forward thinking parents, we had pure water delivered to our home for as long as I could remember.  Then in 1996 my family purchased a water business that I have owned and operated since 2001.It is hard for me to imagine drinking any other type of water. I am now considered the water connoisseur amongst my friends and family. Besides the noticeable chlorine taste of tap water and the feel of dry itchy skin after showering in hard water I am even more passionate about the health related benefits of  showering in softened water and drinking purified water

I am often asked by clients what type of water I use for my own family. For me the answer is simple, pure reverse osmosis water for drinking and softened filtered water with ultra violet disinfection for bathing, laundry and work water. By removing 98% of all heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, chlorine and all other contaminants with reverse osmosis technology, I know exactly what I am putting into my body. There is no guess work and there is nothing fancy. It is simple technology that has been proven for over 30 years.  By using a water softener and removing all of the chlorine out of my family’s  bathing water I am confident that we aren’t absorbing any harmful contaminants through our skin. The soft water also ensures the hot water tank and dishwasher operate efficiently and all of our plumbing fixtures are clean and free from scale buildup. It makes cleaning so much easier which has lead to completely removing all cleaning chemicals from my home.

Water treatment may not be as glamourous as renovating your kitchen or purchasing a new big screen TV, but it is the foundation of good health for you and your family.  An in home water treatment system allows for convenience and simplicity to compliment your busy lifestyle. As a mother of two, my goal is to provide only the best for them and I know, tried and true, that clean, pure water is a great start to a healthy lifestyle.