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Birthday Blog #GOALS

This month I'm celebrating my 42nd birthday. Wow... I know it sounds cliche but time sure does fly. When I look back over this past year I'm so incredibly grateful.

I have been honoured this year with the Women in Business Entrepreneurship Award nomination. I am so excited to be a finalist! Being in business for myself for the the past 19 years has been a true blessing. I love the work I do, the team I work with and all of you, my clients for continuing to support a local business. Thank YOU for making the award even possible. If you're interested in attending the awards luncheon on Friday November 8th, 2019 here is the link.

So how did I get from being an inexperienced  23 year old entrepreneur to a 19 year business owner? Well I'm a huge advocate for setting goals. I feel it's important to have something purposeful to work towards, one baby step at a time.  This year I accomplished a personal goal of completing my level 2 yoga teacher training in Sedona, Arizona.  At Water Superstore we completed our new water refill station... a major upgrade to serving you better!

I have also set some new goals for the upcoming year which include improving our ecommerce online shopping experience and eliminating single use plastic water bottles at events Water Superstore supports. On a personal level I have committed to earning my Baptiste Yoga Certified Leader Certificate ( only 2 weekends left to complete! )

What goals are you working on? Is there something you can re-commit to? When I've slipped off the goal wagon, which does happen, I find it helpful to go back to the WHY. Why do you have the goal and what will accomplishing the goal give to you and others. Expanding a personal goal to improve the lives of those around you really super-charges motivation to gets you moving! 

Most importantly, what I have learned about goal setting is to be malleable with my goals and know that the timing of things is not as important as being present on the journey. This way of being can then allow for possibilities that you may have not even considered. It allows for patience and for trust in the bigger picture. Set the goal (or intention), take action in the present and let go of the outcome. 

Where in your life can you tune into trust and let go of trying to control the outcome?

PS. You may have noticed my blogs have become a little more personal growth oriented and you're very observant, because they have :) Sharing knowledge, whether it be about water, health or personal development is what is truly important to me. My hope is that you will benefit in some way or you know someone who will benefit and share the information with them :) 

In Gratitude,