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Country Living Segment : How Often Should I Clean My cistern ?

Often times I am asked by our customers who live in the country, how often should I clean my cistern? Being a country girl myself, who has directly experienced the beauty of living just outside the city limits as well as the extra home maintenance that goes along with it, I can say that keeping up with regular cistern cleaning is a MUST!

This is especially true if you are collecting rain water and filtering your water with ultra violet disinfection. As we collect rain, the water picks up not only the sediment and other particles from the roof and eavestroughs but pesticides, herbicides and other pollutants in the air. These particles will end up clogging your filters very quickly, which will lead to low water pressure and dirt clouding the ultra violet bulb. By clouding the U/V bulb it will not be able to effectively kill the viruses and bacteria.  Drinking and showering in water that is contaminated with bacteria could lead to serious illness, especially in children and the elderly whose systems are more sensitive to changes in water quality.

We highly recommend :

  1. Cleaning your cistern YEARLY if you collect rain water and every 2-3 years if you just get water trucked in.
  2. Changing your water filters before they get clogged, which is 6-8 months typically if you have the large (4”x 20”) whole home filtration and more frequently if you have small 2”x10” filters.  Remember, the more rain we get, the more sediment we collect and the more the water gets stirred up, so more frequent filter changes may be necessary.
  3. Ultra Violet disinfection on cistern water whether the water is trucked on ONLY or you collect rain water as well. Stagnant, warm water is the perfect target for bacterial growth in water.  Some people will add a cup or so of bleach to their cistern water. The issue with doing this is a) the amount of bleach required to kill bacteria is unknown, b) the chlorine will dissipate quickly over time so you do not know when it has stopped doing its job and c) Bleach is a harmful toxin that you should not consume nor bath nor shower in. U/V Disinfection is a chemical free way to kill any bacteria in the water.

For more information on what you can do to protect your home and your family contact us or click here