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Healthy Habits With The Greatest Impact

Every Monday and Thursday I join a live group workout class online. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I knew I had to do something to keep me healthy and strong.  My tiny workout area in the basement is right beside where my 13 year old hangs out and plays video games. Each week I invite him to join in on the class at which point I get a “Huh” or a “What” as he continues to play. I do the workout, act like a fool and try to get him involved. Still a “no” This has been going on for months!

Just last week he came to me and said “I found this cool workout app I want to try” 

Keeping my composure so I didn't scare him away with my excitement, we set up the workout notifications and schedule on his phone. It’s a simple 15 minute workout at 5:30 every day. 

I share this today for 2 reasons:

  1. Your actions are more powerful than your words. You inspire others just by making healthy choices for yourself. It may not happen overnight, but know that your impact will be felt by those closest to you.
  2. It's never too late to start taking care of yourself. One new healthy habit can make a world of difference in how you feel, your energy, your focus and the level of joy you experience. Here are some ideas...remember, It doesn’t have to be big, just consistent. 

Take 10 minute daily walk

Stretch every morning 

Choose to eat less sugar

Swap out coffee for herbal tea once in a while

Do a 5 minute meditation before bed

Read a fiction novel for 10 minutes a day

Turn your phone off at 8pm

Drink a glass of pure water first thing in the morning or just before lunch

As we move into the cooler darker months ahead, what is one thing you can do to take good care of your physical and/or mental health? 

Who’s watching and how might this positively impact them?

To Your Best Health,