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Holiday Stress Busting Tips From the Team at Water Superstore

Holiday Stress Busting Tips from the Team at Water Superstore

Laura:  My stress busting tip is simple, move your body. Whether you take a yoga class, go for a walk or run, play in the snow, go skating or swimming moving your body will assist in clearing mental clutter and help with feeling of being overwhelmed during the holiday season. Exercise releases endorphins which in turn makes you feel happier. You will bring this great energy with you wherever you go. Try it on, bundle up, go for brisk walk, get some fresh air and soak up some sunshine.

Georgina: Turn off your phone and spend quality time with the people you are with

Trent: Take some time for yourself alone and don’t spend time with people you don’t like…LOL

Danielle: Be patient and take some deep breaths to remain calm

Chris: Enjoy the moments with your loved ones instead of stressing about what to buy them. Save money, spend time

Dave: Stay hydrated! Drink lots of clean pure water