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Hypertension can be caused by Chronic Dehydration

Are you stressed? Most of us think we're stressed, but perhaps you're not. Maybe you're just thirsty. Research has shown that hypertension (high blood pressure) and dehydration are linked. Maybe by drinking more, you'll be less stressed.

Hypertension is a significant disease. It is a cause of some some life-threatening conditions such as heart attacks, hormonal disorders, cardiovascular disease, kidney failures, and strokes. Drinking lots of water is one way that you can fight hypertension without a major lifestyle adjustment.

Blood pressure depends on two factors - how hard your heart is pumping (cardiac output) and how easily plasma diffuses out of your capillaries (peripheral resistance). Studies have shown the majority of people with hypertension have normal cardiac output but increased peripheral resistance. It is thought that one of the likely causes of this is dehydration.

When you're dehydrated, the volume of blood in your body decreases. Your body's internal water rationing system keeps your essential organs hydrated but it does this by shutting down the capillaries that supply your muscles and skin. If you drink enough fluids (not diuretics like coffee or alcohol), you'll keep an adequate volume of blood in your body and therefore reduce your risk of hypertension.

Of course, there are other factors involved in high blood pressure. Proper nutrition, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding tobacco use or excessive alcohol consumption can also help. Part of proper nutrition is avoiding excess sodium in your food. One hidden source of sodium can be a whole-home water softening system. This is one reason we often recommend to clients to pair their water softener with an under-counter reverse osmosis water purification system.

Hypertension can be avoided when you pay attention to proper eating and lifestyle choices. Drinking pure water is important for staying healthy. So instead of stressing about something, have a drink of water instead!