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Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together- Living a Healthier Life


I started doing a puzzle last week. It's a 1000 piece puzzle and I haven't done one in years. I’ve been looking for some down time to relax and unwind without the interruption of TV or the never ending scrolling of social media. 

As I'm doing the puzzle it hits me, it's a little frustrating, not so relaxing. So I call in help from my teenage daughter and together we start to put some pieces together, and now it doesn't feel so overwhelming- I have help:) 

A little while later another revelation hits me as the puzzle vaguely starts to resemble the picture. Sometimes the big picture can seem overwhelming at the start. A goal you want to accomplish seems miles and miles away. In fact, it can seem so far away that we may just give up in frustration. But as the puzzle pieces start to fit together a renewed excitement begins. Then progress seems to come to a halt when you just can't find the next piece. And so this process goes on and on. With perseverance, some help from your supporters and your eye on the big picture (vision) the puzzle begins to take form, the vision begins to come to life. 

It's February now and maybe January was not what you thought it would be. Perhaps motivation has waned or you didn’t quite stick to the new plans you had. Maybe an outside circumstance beyond your control pulled you away. Say hello to my January! 

My vision for the past 20 years has been to provide you with a piece of the better health puzzle.

From experience, I know that drinking and bathing in clean water is an important step that contributes to living a healthier, longer life.


  • It reduces your exposure to harmful chemicals that age you at a cellular level
  • It tastes great so you want to drink more (bonus- better hydration)
  • It's a healthy replacement for pop and other sugary drinks (healthier body)
  • You can feel good drinking something that contributes to a healthier YOU! (mental ease)

Whatever your VISION is, whatever stage you're at in your puzzle, persevere because it matters to YOU and every piece brings you one step closer to living your best life.

To your good health,