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Revealed: Why doing LESS is actually MORE

If you had the chance to read my blog last month then you know I struggled with doing less and not being so busy all the time.

This month, although still busy, I’ve been able to gain some perspective on creating space with doing less. Being busy is just a distraction. It’s a distraction from being present enough to shine a light on what’s working and what is not. And sometimes I don’t want to look.

I picture it like riding a bike with my head down so focused on the path under me that I don’t see how rocky and steep it has become. I keep on peddling faster just to keep my balance, only to smack straight into a tree. All the “stuff” we do is like peddling and peddling only to finally look up and hit a wall. Whether it’s an illness or a loss or unhappiness, it stops us in our tracks.

So how will doing LESS actually lead to MORE?

The space you create when you take on less actually allows you to become more PRODUCTIVE with the task in front of you and MORE effective at accomplishing the task.

It also allows for:

- Spending more QUALITY time with others by being truly present with them

- Enhanced awareness of situations – less reactive

- A clearer perspective – more intuitive

- Improved health – less stress

- Improved mood and happiness

- More time for self care

So just how can we do this in a society that constantly pushes us to do more and teaches us to measure our worth by how much we get done in a day?

  1. Prioritize- like really prioritize ! - how important is the task at hand and when does it need to get done, if at all?
  2. Learn to say no – get clear on what is truly important to you. What will add value to your life?
  3. Learn to ask for help- practice this ALOT- even if its just for the little things to start ? You don’t have to do it all!
  4. Trust the process- know that you cannot control everything and that things will work out- a little faith goes a long way!

Our priority at Water Superstore is to help make YOUR life a little easier. We can help you do less.

Picking up water is a task. Sometimes it is not always convenient, yet drinking pure water is definitely a priority.  You can have a water purification system installed right in your home and get the same quality water you buy in store. Easier, right?

Side Effects Include:

  1. Having UNLIMITED pure water on demand 24/7- 365 days
  2. SAVING money
  3. More FREE time : one less task to do during your week

Now that’s worth considering !!