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Sizzlin' Summer Ahead

Sizzlin' Summer Ahead

There's something about summer that makes me feel more hopeful. Maybe it's more sunshine, or the burst of beautiful flowers, or perhaps the weekly trips to the market with my daughter to pick up fresh local produce. I honestly think it's all of the above.

The transition from spring to summer reminds me that everything changes, regardless of if we want it to or not. The earth keeps spinning and rotating, the sun appears to rise and set daily. No matter how hard we may try to stop it, life evolves. Sometimes change is for the better. Other times we never want it to change and so we grip on for dear life trying to hold onto the good times. Regardless of the circumstance- good or bad-  the truth is, change is inevitable. 

We've been making some changes this past month that will take affect in June.  After 13 years, we're upgrading our retail sales software to get into the 21st century. Technology evolves so fast these days and there are now so many options for smaller businesses to upgrade to sophisticated systems.  

What does this mean for you? Not much will change on your end...  but you may have to be a bit more patient as our team learns the new system.

If you have a prepaid water account with us all of your information will be transferred over safely. Your receipt will look a bit different and we'll be requesting updates pertinent to your account to ensure its accuracy. 

Other than that, it should be a smooth transition. The  new software will assist us in making better decisions related to :

Hours of operation
Staffing during busier times
Product Supply
Product Variety
New trends evolving
Future growth opportunities

With all of this information our intention is to create a better customer experience for you for many more years to come. 

Enjoy this season of sunshine and warmth and remember, regardless of your current circumstance, life will continue to evolve and change- trust and be present for it all. 

In Gratitude,