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The Difference Between Tap Water, Reverse Osmosis Water and Remineralized Water

Water is more than just a drink. It transports oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and detoxifies by removing cellular waste. The more freely water can be absorbed into each living cell, the more effectively the cells will function.

A common question that I often get is  “What's the difference between tap water, reverse osmosis water, and remineralized water?”

I always like to begin by explaining, not all water is created equal!



Water in its natural state is pure and clean. Yet today it's hard to find water that is clean with the amount of air and water pollution in the environment. The water that flows from our taps is filled with chemicals, chlorine, pesticides, phamaceuticals and more.

The municipalities that clean and distribute your water have no choice but to add chlorine, chloramines, and other additiives to adjust the flavour, kill bacteria and cover odours.

Futher to the chemicals that are added to tap water, there are ever increasing levels of pesticides and toxic metals leaching into the water supply from farming and industrial manufacturing. 

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What is Reverse Osmosis Water and will it remove the toxins from my tap water?

The process of Reverse Osmosis will remove to 97-98% of all chlorine, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and chemicals from your tap water. The typical purification process has 4 Stages.

  • Stage 1 - 5 Micron Sediment Filter:  Removes dirt, sediments, sand, and other physical particles.
  • Stage 2 - 10 micron Carbon Block Filter:  Reduces chemicals and chlorine in your water supply.
  • Stage 3 - Reverse Osmosis Membrane:  50-75 gallon per day membrane removes 97-98% of dissolved solids including chlorine, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, THM's, heavy metals and many other contaminants that are present in the water supply.
  • Stage 4 - Post Carbon Filter:  A final polishing process that enhances the taste and clarifies your drinking water

Most minerals like calcium and magnesium, including salt, lead and iron, are washed out in to the drain, allowing pure clean water to pass through for drinking.  

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Remineralized water is purifed water (R/O) with calcium and magnesium added back in. By adding in these essential nutrients, the pH of the water also increases. Drinking water with a higher pH has many added benefits. 

•    Remineralized water has a higher pH (7.1- 8.0). It helps to neutralizes acidity in the body caused by stress, diet & air pollution
•    A higher pH in the body reduces the need for fat & cholesterol protecting the body from damaging acids
•    It improves the body's absorption of essential nutrients
•    Using water with a higher pH level improves the taste & quality of the beverage and food

By adding an optional calcium-magnesium filter to re-mineralize reverse osmosis water the pH will increase from below neutral to as high as 8.0. Choosing Remineralized Reverse Osmosis Water means having the convenience and safety of clean water with the added benefits of higher pH levels.