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The Dry, Itchy Skin Solution

I recently got back from a little getaway with some friends. We rented a cozy cottage in Huntsville at the base of a small ski hill. It had been a bit over 2 years since we all got together for an entire weekend. It was long overdue!! But given the state of the world lately, it just wasn’t possible until now. So we did some ice skating and skiing, played cards, sat by an outside fire and recharged ourselves with good company and conversation. 


As you might imagine when I travel I'm the one who always brings the good water- with a portable bottle pump and a couple of 5 gallon jugs of pure water we are all set. You just never know what the water will taste like when you travel and if it's well or lake water, how safe it is. Once we arrived and started using the water, I noticed something different right away.


Quick backstory here. We live on the outskirts of St.Catharines and have cistern water, which is essentially a mix of city water and rain or snow melt that comes off the roof. We’ve lived here for over 15 years and from day one have filtered the water in our whole house with sediment, carbon and ultra violet disinfection.  Our water is free from chlorine and is quite soft as it's mixed with rain water (rain water is naturally soft because it hasn't yet hit the ground and picked up minerals from the ground). I’m not used to showering in water that has chlorine, calcium and magnesium in it. 


Back to the cottage - I noticed right away after washing my hands that my skin felt very dry- so onto the moisturizer. As the weekend progressed and a couple showers later my entire body was itchy and dry- so more moisturizer. Upon returning home my lips were dry and flaky, my fingertips began to get dry splits, my skin was still very dry and my hair was frizzy. After a couple of days of being home things began to improve. My skin was no longer itchy and dry-it felt soft again and my hair returned to normal- soft and shiny- no frizz! The only difference was the water I was showering in. I used the same body and hair soaps as I do at home as well as the same moisturizers. I've been so used to showering in chlorine free, soft water that I had forgotten what it felt like to not have this luxury. Except that having clean water to shower and bathe in shouldn't have to be a luxury.


My skin was reacting to the chlorine and the hardness of the water at this cottage. When a physical reaction like this occurs in your body, it's not something to ignore. A chemical reaction is occurring and damaging the most protective layer of your body- your skin. I’ve been so used to having zero chlorine and soft water at home that it took this gentle nudge to remind me that not everyone does. I believe it's important to explore solutions that can improve the quality of your life.


Now, unfortunately there's nothing that can be done when I go away- I guess just bring more moisturizer! But at home there is something that can be done. 


The easiest, fastest way to start seeing an improvement with dry itchy skin and frizzy hair is to pick up a simple filter for your shower water. It’s carbon based so it absorbs all the chlorine and helps reduce the hardness in the water. It's inexpensive, easy to install and lasts an entire year. If it helps improve your quality of life … amazing !! Your skin will feel soft, won’t be itchy and your hair will be less frizzy. If you colour or highlight your hair there's an added bonus too- the colour will last longer and won't fade as quickly.


We're always happy to help and answer any of your questions. Contact us for more information.