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The Truth About Water

"I don't like water." Over the past 20 years working in the water biz I’ve had people tell me this and I’m always surprised because I LOVE water :) I often don't know what to say when I hear this.

Water is a basic human need. Our bodies need water to digest, heal and regenerate our cells. There's a plethora of good reasons to drink water that I won’t get into now but essentially everyone needs to drink water.  So what do you do if you don't like to drink water?

I usually start with the taste of the water. Oftentimes people don't like water because it tastes bad. It’s full of chlorine and chemicals and who wants to drink that? Simply switching the type of water you're drinking can help.

Secondly, what is your daily drink of choice? Is it pop, juice, tea, coffee, or sports drinks? It's going to take a bit more effort to drink more water if this is the case but you know water is so important for good heatlh. Maybe you're looking to lose a few pounds, or get healthier, gain more energy or even just feel better about doing something good for yourself. Whatever the reason, it has to be strong enough to start a new healthy habit.

Here's what I’ve learned in my own life - New habits take time. They require a daily commitment. Every day you wake up you have a choice to do this or that. And each day you make a commitment to one or the other. What you are a YES for today automatically makes you a NO for the other. For example- If I am a YES for drinking 8 glasses of water today then I’m a definite no for drinking juice or sugary drinks -why? Because a girl can only drink so much in one day without having to pee 10 times a day. 

Today, I choose water to drink 8 glasses of CLEAN water. Simply choose. If 8 is to much, start with 1 a day, then the next week go to 2 a day, until you work your way up to 8 a day ( or 2 litres a day)

Here's what you’ll get:

  1. Increased energy
  2. Better digestion- less bloating and more regular bowel movements
  3. Smoother, clear skin (acne may even start to clear up)
  4. Less headaches
  5. Clear mind- goodbye brain fog
  6. Good old kidney flush - flushing out toxins as you pee more :)
  7. Save money! You’ll buy less pop, juice and other sugary drinks - clean water is much more cost effective
  8. Lose weight naturally by eliminating sugar and drinking more/eating less
  9. Best of all  you will begin to love and crave water!!  And feel so good doing it!!


Like any new habit

Keep your eye on the prize

 Give it time - Have patience

Commit to doing it every single day 

Committed to drinking more water? Consider a new water dispenser to have your clean water readily available and easily accessible for the entire family.