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How You Can Get The Best Water

Retail Sales and Pure Water Refill Bar

What makes our water the BEST in Niagara !

Water Superstore is not just an online store. Our retail location in located in St. Catharines where we showcase a wide variety of water related product. The best part is that at our water refill station you can sample our reveres osmosis and re-mineralized reverse osmosis for free. That’s right, you can try before you buy. Our water is made fresh daily on site to ensure the cleanest, best tasting water for clients just like you. We know that water is best when it is fresh. But why do our clients rave about our water. They say it’s the best they have ever tried. Well there a few great reasons:

  1. We make our water fresh daily on site. So no transporting of the bottles miles and miles in hot trucks
  2. We maintain a strict filter change schedule in our water production facility changing out filters before they are exhausted. This ensures water quality is the same on day 1 as it is on day 365.
  3. We employ a 9 step purification process. This process allows our water to be the cleanest there is available on the market today.
  4. We voluntarily meet or exceed Health Canada guidelines for producing and selling water in Canada. This means daily testing for bacteria, total dissolved solids and pH.
  5. We offer complimentary bottle sanitizing stations to ensure you start with a fresh, clean bottle. Therefore the water you put in to the bottle will uphold its integrity of purity.
  6. I have saved the best for last as it is the last stage in our process, Ozone. By adding ozone as the very last stage of purification, not only does it guarantee there will be zero bacteria in the water, it also gives the pure water a super fresh taste. You know that fresh smell outside after rain storm. That is ozone (O3). It also naturally preserves the water in the bottle capped of one full year.

You see we just don’t want to sell you water, we want to sell the best tasting, cleanest, freshest water possible. 

Why? Because we truly believe and stand behind our product and we want to share our little piece of goodness with you. I discovered pure reverse osmosis water 20 years ago and it has been one the most consistent, simple health choices I have made in my life. I want to share that with everyone I meet and that means YOU!