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What Should I Consider When Choosing the RIGHT Water Company?

Cleaning the water in your home is unique to your situation, especially if your water is sourced from a well or a cistern. There is so much information on the internet nowadays that it can seem overwhelming. To enhance your shopping experience we have assessed the top 5 criteria that are important to look at when choosing the right water treatment professional for you.

  1. How long has the company been in business in your community?

Experience goes a long way. The longer a company has been doing business in your area, the more experience they have with the common water concerns facing your community. They're knowledgeable in what systems will work best and are able to source effective solutions quickly. They will provide expert advice.

Due to the low barriers to entry in the water industry it is easy for new company’s to start up a water business without the proper training and education. There have been many water companies that come and go leaving the consumer with no after sales support.  Look for a stable company that will still be there to service your water system and honour the warranty 10 years from now.

  1. Beware of LIFETIME warranties.

Companies that offer a lifetime warranty on their equipment usually ask for large upfront prices to cover such a warranty. The consumer ends up paying almost double the fair market price in order to receive the longer warranty. This is unnecessary. Most items come with a 1- 5 year manufacturer warranty and many water companies offer free extended warranties as long as the unit is serviced regularly by a trained technician. Also, read the fine print. Most warranties are non-transferrable if you sell your house. Costly maintenance may be required in order to honour  the warranty. Another concern is if the company goes out of business or moves to another city. Who will honour this warranty and where will you get the parts needed for proper maintenance?

  1. Are they registered with an Industry Association such as Canadian Water Quality Association (CWQA)?

A reputable water treatment company should be registered with an industry association. This means they receive valuable updates on new products to serve their customers better. They also receive information regarding current water trends and water industry updates. They are privy to specialized training courses such as water analysis, installations and service courses. This accreditation is important and verifies that you are dealing with professionals.

  1. Are the staff properly trained? Are they knowledgeable?

Having technicians on staff that are properly trained is so valuable. It is so important that you receive the right water filtration for your unique water situation. They will be able to assist you in choosing a water system that fits your needs and your budget. When you require service on your system in the future it will be helpful to have trained staff available 7 days a week.

  1. Integrity Pricing.

When shopping around the cheapest is not always the best, nor is the most expensive. Look for prices that reflect a fair market value. Get three quotes and compare apples to apples. There may be a number of different options available to solve your water concerns.


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