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Water Superstore Inc - VH410 18 Gallon Per Minute Ultra Violet System

VH410 18 Gallon Per Minute Ultra Violet System



The VH410 is ideal for larger whole home residential well, lake and cistern water applications requiring higher water flow rates (up to 18 gallons per minute (GPM). This system works well if you're replacing an existing ultra violet system and do not require additional pre-filtration.

Owners of a Viqua ultra violet disinfection system can drink with confidence from every tap in their home knowing 99.99% of illness-causing microorganisms, including  E.coli, Coliforms, Cryptosporidium and Giardia are destroyed.

This system is a reliable, economical and chemical-free way to safeguard your health. 

If you don't have a pre sediment filter please view the  VH410-20 for a kit complete with a sediment filter. A sediment filter is required prior to ultra violet disinfection.


  • Specially designed and tested Sterilume™ -HO lamps provide consistent and reliable ultraviolet output over the entire life of the lamp (9000 hours) to ensure optimal performance.
  • High output lamps allow for a small footprint while providing the same UV performance as a standard output lamp in a longer chamber.
  • The system is simple to maintain and service allowing for easy lamp replacement.
  • ​Built with a durable stainless steel chamber to prolong life and eliminate ultraviolet light degradation.
  • Safety-Loc™ connector with interlock that ensures power is disconnected before lamp can be removed.

  • The controller visually displays the remaining lamp life and will go into alarm if the lamp fails.
  • Monitored systems are equipped with a UV sensor which provides a continuous readout of UV intensity.
  • Monitored systems allow for the installation of an optional solenoid valve which will stop the flow of water through the chamber should the UV performance fall below a safe level.

Technical Specs

Replacement Lamp S410-RL-HO,

Replacement Quartz Sleeve QSO-410

Electronic Controller BA-ICE-CL


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