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Aquamaster AMS 700 Water Softener

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The AquaMaster AMS 700 is Canada's #1 ranked most efficient water softener. This High Efficiency water softener is ideal for homes with low to moderate water hardness whether you have municipal, cistern or well water.
The AMS 700 removes hard water molecules that cause calcium build up on plumbing fixtures, bathtubs and sinks, hot water tanks, washing machines and dishwashers. Protect your investments and save money on hot water heating costs, soaps and cleaning agents. This high efficiency water softener uses 80% less water to regenerate (self clean), 30% less salt and takes 75% less time to complete the cleaning cycle.


Softens up to 70 grains hardness per gallon
Built-in 20-micron self-cleaning filter
Reduces Iron
Uses as little as 14 gallons of water and only 2.5lbs of salt to regenerate
Regenerates (self-cleans) in just 21 minutesonly when required (on demand)
Powered by an ENERGY STAR qualified adapter


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