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Water Superstore Inc - Erie Purifiner 30,000 Grain Water Softener

Erie Purifiner 30,000 Grain Water Softener

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Ideal for homes with low to moderate water hardness, the Purifiner Water Softener effectively removes hard water calcium and magnesium molecules from your water. Eliminate hard water spots from your dishes, water appliances incuding dishwahser, washing machine and hot water tank. Soft water will protect your plumbing, fixtures, faucets and appliances for years to come. The only appliance that will actually save you money on your hot water heating costs, soaps and cleaning agents.


Fully automatic and customizable digital controls metered for backwashing based on water usage and number of days, No Filter screens to clean, Continual supply of conditioned water, State Of The Art Embedded Micro-Processor Technology, Advanced Diagnostic Tracking, Large Ports for Maximum Water Delivery, Simple Three Button Minimum Moving Components , Proven Reliability.Bypass included 5 Year Valve Warranty, 10 year Media Tank Warranty

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