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About Us

While water is our product, solutions are our business and health is our passion.

We are more than just clean water.

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We are problem solvers.

We are
obsessed with health and wellness.

We are a family-owned business focused on
creating relationships.

It all started back in the 80s when Jim came home from a summer vacation to find that the water in the house no longer tasted “right,” It was a problem. And he decided to fix it. The next day a water cooler moved in, and so began the family journey into water.

In 1996, he purchased a pure water franchise in the Niagara Region and Water Superstore was born. His daughter, Laura, took it over in 2001, along with her husband, Chris.

Today we have doubled in size thanks to our hard work, dedication and our absolute belief in our products and services. We truly believe in what we sell and what we stand for…..

That water is an

important part of health and wellness

That clean water should be

accessible and affordable for everyone

That customers come first

and we are here to solve their problems

And that getting clean water

should be simple and easy

As a company we know that “dirty” water is causing health problems and we are ambitiously driven to change that, not just in the Niagara Region, but in the world.


People should not have to struggle to get clean water to drink or bath in. They should not have intestinal issues, itchy skin, or getting sick because of the water they drink or bath in. 


We believe that we only have one life to live and it should be our best life.

We want to be part of that, we want to help you take care of your health. And we believe that it starts with the water you drink.

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