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Install, Testing and Maintenance,
We've Got You Covered!

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Sales is not a "one and done".
We are here to serve you over an extended period of time, in each step of the process, from sales, to install and maintenance. 

This is where our service team comes in!

We are on a mission to get it right and resolve it when we don’t.

Our technicians are trustworthy professionals who are educated, water experts and experienced industry leaders in water treatment equipment.

We offer professional installation, service and repair, preventative maintenance, and professional guidance in diagnosing your water testing.

How Can We Help You?


Water Filtration System Installation

Installing a water filtration system begins with assessing your needs, the type of water you’re on and, if needed, a comprehensive water test. Once we’ve completed the assessment, with your budget in mind, we recommend the system or systems that would best suit your needs. The product is installed by a certified, experienced installer with a decade of experience in water filtration. We use only the highest quality installation materials and will match to your existing plumbing.

Our certified, experienced technician is the co-owner of Water Superstore, so you can feel confident knowing he’ll install your water filtration system with great care and concern.


Water Filtration System Maintenance

Your water system is an investment and the key to it's lasting performance is maintenance. 


Most water filtration systems require annual filter or ultraviolet bulb changes. Maintenance is best done by a qualified technician who will not only change the filters, but also test the water, check the integrity of the tubing, add air pressure to any pressure tanks and dispose of used bulbs in an environmentally friendly way.


Know that our service team is here to support and serve you throughout the lifespan of your equipment.


Water Testing

When considering purchasing a home water filtration system, it’s important to have your water tested if you have a private water supply. We offer 2 types of water testing options.


  1. In House Testing. We will test the hardness, total dissolved solids (TDS), iron, and sulphur. This testing is complementary and required for any system we are installing. Results are available immediately. We can come to your house or you can choose to bring a sample into our store.

  2. Third-Party Lab Certified Testing. We will come to your home, accurately collect the water sample and deliver it to a local lab. The cost is $185-$225 and results take up to 1 week. This test provides you with a detailed report of metals, sulphates, chlorides, hardness, iron, TDS, bacteria, nitrates and more that are present in your water  


Testing your water is also important if you're selling your rural property and need a clean water test to close the deal.

"I've had nothing but spectacular service from the Water Superstore. The service technician is nothing but professional and thorough. He made sure my system is running like new every time. He clearly takes a lot of pride in his work. It makes me feel confident in knowing I'll have this system for years to come." - Kat

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