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Iron/Sulphur Filtration 

Iron Sulphur Removal System.jpg

Iron/ Sulphur Removal System 

Designed for small to medium size homes with low to moderate iron, sulphur and/or manganese.  The Clack Backwashing system removes iron, manganese and sulphur from your water without the use of chemicals. 

Using a proven designed air injection valve, the water is oxidized as it passes through the system thereby allowing the contaminants to be removed with the specialized birm filter media.  It is highly effective in preventing iron and manganese staining on your fixtures and water appliances as well as eliminating the rotten egg smell of hydrogen sulphide gas. 


  • Fully automatic and customizable backwashing cycles for rapid rinse 

  • Up-flow backwash and air recharge, 

  • 24 hour battery backup to store usage data 

  • Chemical free and safe for septic beds and the environment 

  • Bypass included 

  • 5 year valve warranty 

  • 10 year tank warranty 

PRICE: starting at $1700

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