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Chemicals In Your Water

Chemicals In Your Water

The water that comes out of your tap looks clean and clear, yet there are over 40,000 chemicals on the market, and only a few hundred are regulated in our drinking water. Even worse, are the “forever chemicals” which take thousands of years to degrade. Roughly 4,700 synthetic chemicals have been in production and used in commercial products since WWII, including Teflon™️, Scotchgard™️, and firefighting foam. Many of these have made their way into our drinking water supply and hey have been linked to many diseases including cancer, liver damage, kidney disease, low birth weight and autoimmune disorders

Pollutants and toxins are everywhere, biological, chemical, hazardous wastes and by-products of industry and agriculture.

Your body is naturally doing its best to detox on a daily basis, but problems arise when the cup gets so full that your body cannot eliminate toxins fast enough.

When this occurs, you may begin to experience
1. Skin problems (rashes, acne, etc.)
2. Food and scent intolerances and allergies
3. Constipation, diarrhea and other digestive issues
4. Frequent colds and viruses
5. Unexplained headaches
6. Lower back pain
7. General aches and pains
8. Fatigue and low energy
9. Inability to feel rested after sleep
10. Compromised resistance to infections
11. Inability to lose weight
12. Fuzzy thinking

Water purified by reverse osmosis (R/O) removes 98% of all chemicals and heavy metals and even pharmaceuticals. You can feel confident you’re not ingesting added toxins into your body when you choose to drink pure water.

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