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How Chlorine Effects Your Skin

Ever since I was a child I suffered from very dry, itchy skin that eventually worsened into eczema. My lips were always chapped, especially in the winter. I relied heavily on moisturizers and hydrocortisone, so much so that if I forgot my creams while traveling I had major anxiety. As I got older and into my adult years, I became annoyed with this condition so I started diving in to what could be causing these symptoms.

There were many factors that contributed to eczema outbreaks, like food sensitivities (particularly dairy and gluten), environmental factors (like chemicals in soaps), stress and showering/bathing in chlorinated water. 

At the time it surprised me to learn that bathing and showering in chlorinated water could be a contributor to my skin irritations.  

It makes total sense now though- You see, chlorine is a very harsh chemical (think of how corrosive bleach is). Bleach is chlorine. When chlorine is added to tap water, it gets diluted so it’s not as harsh and damaging as its more concentrated form- nonetheless, it’s in there.

The constant daily exposure to chlorine when you shower strips your body of natural oils and leaves chlorine residue on your skin. The chlorine further gets absorbed into the deeper layers of your skin. This is why your skin feels so dry and itchy after a shower and also irritates eczema and psoriasis conditions. Ask yourself, do you feel the need to moisturize after you shower? Does your skin feel dry and prickly? Are your eczema areas really irritated? 

It's similar to putting salt on an open wound- it hurts, it irritates the wound. Pouring chlorinated water on your sensitive skin day after day does the same thing. 

When you remove the chlorine from your shower water you remove the chemical that's causing the irritation.

There is a very simple, cost effective way to remove the chlorine for your shower water. Shower filters are specially designed to remove 99% of chlorine from your shower water. They connect to most shower heads with an easy screw on connection. The filter inside lasts 6-12 months and can simply be replaced.

Additionally, we have whole home chlorine removal options. These systems are great if you have multiple showers in the home and want to ensure the best water for washing dishes and brushing your teeth.     

When I finally invested in a whole home chlorine removal system, my skin dramatically improved. I no longer am reliant on lip balm, my skin feels soft after a shower- no more dry, tight, itchy skin -so I no longer need the expensive body moisturizers. My eczema conditions

improved as well- no more hydrocortisone cream needed!

As always, we're here to help.

 Contact us and we'll help guide you on your wellness journey. 

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